Morgan Bobrow-Williams is a post-disciplinary artist creating work at the intersection of movement, dance, sound, film, and multimedia installation. They studied dance and graphic design, have performed extensively across the US and Europe under the direction of choreographers such as Johannes Wieland, Maxine Doyle, and Shamel Pitts , and more recently honed in on their own practices. Morgan created, scored, and performed in two performance art installations in 2021 THE RUNNING PROJECT: BLACK GLADIATOR and FREEDOM-PHONE-4000. Commissions for scores include Sebastian Arbarbanell’s dance piece HOME , which premiered in 2021 in Berlin, Germany, and Béatrice Larrivée She looks like she’d be an animal in bed in Tel Aviv, Israel which premiered this year. Morgan released their debut self-titled music project SUM1 on June 11th 2021 which is available on all streaming platforms and is currently working on their Sophomore project to be released in 2023.

Morgan was born in Augusta, Georgia, and raised in a Black and Jewish home. They were introduced to and shaped by a wide range of genres and studied piano, band, and chorus.

Aligned with the multiplicities that exist in their gender identity as a non binary person, cultural background, as well as their transcendent approach to post-disciplinary creating, Morgan does not fit into a genre or box and is instead constantly exploring and remaining multiple and curious.

*Full CV available upon request*