Commissioned as a part of the 2021 Merriweather District Artist in Residence Exhibition, HUEPHORIA
An interactive, transdisciplinary art installation involving live performance, video, sound, and sculptural elements. It looks at the relationships between self determination, dreaming, technology, time, and space, and explores the individual and collective agency we have to manifest in micro levels that evolve into macro manifestations. Pulling from research about non-linear causality, the installation embodies and incorporates the multidirectional and multidimensional effects our actions have.
Morgan activated the space throughout the exhibition period, using movement, and vocal expression.

Direction, Performance, Music, Costume, and Editing by Morgan Bobrow-Williams
DOP Adrian Muys
Dramaturgy Khalil McCullen

* The FREEDOM-PHONE-4000 film above that was displayed inside of the installation


Directed, edited, soundtracked, and performed by Morgan Bobrow-Williams, STANKONIA3000 is an 11min. freedom manifesto dedicated to the Black people of America and rooted in the power of the imagination. A reflection on the concept of time and space in relation to the body —
How is the past and future woven into the present?
How does the action of dreaming manifest into the creation of the future now?
How does existing in a state of freedom as a black person act as embodied resistance?

This piece is also an ode to Outkast; the creators of the music that has empowered and influenced Morgan since they were a young Black kid growing up in Augusta, Georgia.
Morgan has always especially resonated with André 3000, one half of the OutKast duo, whose vibrant personality, vulnerability, and daring expression of freedom continues to be a source of inspiration and reference for Morgan's own artistic expression.

Starring: Morgan Bobrow-Williams Direction: Morgan Bobrow-Williams DoP: Christoph Neugebauer Assistant Camera: Hannah Kretzschmar Editing: Morgan Bobrow-Williams Sound: Morgan Bobrow-Williams Costume: Angela Roudaut & Morgan Bobrow-Williams Assistants: Chihiro Araki & Olga StetsyukSTANKONIA3000 originally premiered for Staatstheater Kassel Choreografische Werkstatt 2020.