i am a living artist

(this website is alive too) 






c u r i o u s

my work is intuitive and imaginative
i see myself and my artistic expressions as collage
non-linear non-binary
                                     a blending of all things                                                  everything existing simultaneously
my work is post discipline – beyond the traditional and conventional categorizations. beyond singularity. it exists somewhere at the intersections of improvisation, movement, film, sound, instillation, visual art, design, and collage


                i work from an emotional and sensual place
                these are logical places

    i want to frequent the unknown, risk, and play

How can we play more?

i am a creative problem solver, an improviser, a leader, and a collaborator

    i want to bring people together.
    to create work accessible to all
that everyone can engage with

     how do we embrace our commonalities and simultaneously value each others differences
create an empathetic world 

        child of African people stolen from their homeland                     and enslaved in America.
        child of Russian Jews who immigrated to America
        to escape ensuing genocide and oppression.
a multidirectional and diverse culmination of histories and experiences.

how is the past and future woven into the present?
how does the activation of imagination manifest into the creation of the future now?
how can love and empathy transcend perceived boundaries?
how can i as an artist act as an agent of truth(”being”)?
how can i keep opening up, allowing myself to be free? how is this an act of embodied resistance?

i am and we are the



credit: Amy J. Gardner

Morgan Bobrow-Williams is a black, non-binary, post-disciplinary artist creating work at the intersections of movement, performance art, sound, film, and installation. Morgan was born and raised  in Augusta, Georgia and studied dance and graphic design at Marymount Manhattan College. They have performed extensively across the US and Europe, including works by Johannes Wieland, Shamel Pitts , Maxine Doyle, and have more recently honed in on their own work and practices.

Awarded artist residencies include Merriweather District 2021, Tanz Farm 2020 and 2021, and Triskelion 2021. Commissions for scores include Sebastian Arbarbanell’s piece HOME, 2021 and Béatrice Larrivée's She Looks Like She'd be an Animal in Bed, 2023. In 2021 they created, scored, and performed in two performance art installations THE RUNNING PROJECT: BLACK GLADIATOR and FREEDOM-PHONE-4000 and also released their debut self-titled project SUM1 in 2021 which is available on all streaming platforms. Morgan is currently working on their Sophomore music project to be released in 2023.

Growing up they were introduced to, and shaped by, a wide range of artistic expressions, through school, family, and life experience, and additionally witnessed and participated in  community and political organizing that their parents were involved in. Aligned with the multiplicities that exist in their gender identity, cultural background (Black and Jewish), as well as their transcendent approach to post-disciplinary creating, Morgan in their being does not fit inside tradition or convention and instead exists as an other, as an outlier, constantly exploring and remaining curious.